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高 磊,赵胜杰,路绪强,何 楠,朱红菊,豆峻岭,张莉,刘文革

(中国农业科学院郑州果树研究所,郑州 450009

? 要:有机酸的组分与含量是影响西瓜果实品质的重要因素,对果实的营养品质和代谢起重要作用。本试验以野生种西瓜PI271769为供体亲本,栽培种西瓜203Z为轮回亲本进行高代回交,在BC7F1世代发现了果实变酸的材料。通过SSR分子标记和图示基因型软件GGT对酸味株系进行基因型分析,发现有2-4个含有供体亲本的外源片段,推测外源片段上存在与有机酸的合成途径相关的关键基因。研究结果为有机酸合成途径关键基因的精细定位和克隆提供了良好的试验材料,同时也丰富了西瓜的种质资源类型,有助于选育酸甜风味的西瓜新品种。


The genotype analysis of watermelon about sour flesh

in the BC7F1 population

GAO LeiZHAO Sheng-jieLU Xu-qiangHE NanZHU Hong-juDOU Jun-lingLIU Wen-ge

(Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhengzhou 450009)

Abstract: Composition and content level of organic acids are key factors to the fruit quality of watermelon, and play an important part in nutrition quality and metabolism. In this study, the BC7F1 population was constructed using PI271769 (known to have different characters compared to the recurrent parent) as a donor parent, and the elite watermelon cultivar 203Z as the recurrent parent, and we found that some watermelon of BC7F1 population have sour flesh. The genotype of watermelon about sour flesh was analyzed by simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers and Graphical Geno Types(GGT), there were 2-4 exogenous segments derived from the donor parent, which were predicted may associated with key genes of organic acids synthetic. These results provide good experiment materials for fine mapping and map-based cloning of key genes associated with organic acids synthetic, and enrich germplasm resources of watermelon, which contributes to breeding new variety of watermelon about sour and sweet taste.

Key words: watermelon; sour flesh; SSR marker; genotype analysis